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I am a Driving Instructor in Wexford town offering Driving Lessons for category B, cars and light vans.  I am a fully qualified, approved driving instructor registered with the RSA.  I will make you a more confident, safer driver for life at a fantastic price.

Driving Test

Pre-test Drivers: Helping you pass your test and gain a vital life skill

  • DVD and information sheets to help the learning process
  • Easy to remember phrases and sayings to help you
  • Detailed summary at the end of each lesson

My main aim for a pre-test driver is to give you the skills necessary to pass the test.  This is why I will be totally focussed on your needs as a driver.  There will be no talking on my phone or radio on.  Small talk will be kept to a minimum so you can concentrate on your driving.

I would strongly advise any learner driver seeking lessons to get in touch with me as soon as possible as I can be very busy.  I normally require a weeks notice for a lesson but that depends on the week.  Basically the earlier you contact me for a lesson, the better.  In terms of the number of lessons you might take, that all depends on your standard and how much practise you put in.  However normally 3 lessons is a minimum recommendation but this does vary from person to person.

If you are applying for your test online then make sure you do it through www.rsa.ie and not UK based rogue sites like drivingtestbookingonline.com, who charge you extra money for doing the same job you would do on the official RSA website.

Getting Ready For Your Test

On The Day Of Your Test

During Your Driving Test