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I am a Driving Instructor in Wexford town offering Driving Lessons for category B, cars and light vans.  I am a fully qualified, approved driving instructor registered with the RSA.  I will make you a more confident, safer driver for life at a fantastic price.

Approved Driving InstructorI feel it is important to stress that I am a full-time Driving Instructor in Wexford town.  I say this because being full-time is a lot different than part-time.  

I spend about 40 hours a week doing this job which means I am really up to date and in tune with the latest rules and teaching methods.  It also shows that good word of mouth has spread far and wide and people want my services.

With me you are getting a fully qualified Driving Instructor who is registered with the RSA (Road Safety Authority) as an Approved Driving Instructor and certified with ISM (Irish School of Motoring).  My qualification is also Fetac approved to the highest level (level 6).  

However paper qualifications are all well and good but I am also a great communicator.  I will always explain things in simple language.  I will not overload you with information and I’ll always check with you to see if you have any questions.  Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question.

I have lesson plans which cover a broad area of driving, from town driving to rural roads and traffic lights and reversing around corners.  

There is so much to driving that I want to cover as much as I can to make you a better, more confident and ultimately safer driver.  So with that in mind I will aim to cover as many different aspects of driving as possible.

How to reverse around a corner

How to do a turnabout

Turning right at traffic lights