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I am a Driving Instructor in Wexford town offering Driving Lessons for category B, cars and light vans.  I am a fully qualified, approved driving instructor registered with the RSA.  I will make you a more confident, safer driver for life at a fantastic price.

Beginner Driver

Beginners Lessons: 
Empowering you to increase your independence

  • No pressure to go out on the road in the first lesson
  • Very conscious and considerate of nervous beginners
  • All lessons tailored to your level

I will teach you how to drive safely and with confidence no matter what your standard of driving is.  You will learn in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere where you are urged to ask as many questions as possible.  You must not worry if you feel you will make a lot of mistakes, I can promise you I am an experienced, patient and considerate Instructor and I will encourage you and build your confidence. The most important thing for me is to treat people with respect no matter what their level.

We will take it one step at a time.  I normally start in a safe, quiet area (like a car park or industrial estate) and get the driver comfortable in their seat, then we move onto getting used to the car controls, such as wipers, lights, gears and handbrake.  We will then do some basic moving off, changing gear and stopping.  You will only drive on the public road when you are ready, I will never put pressure on you to go out on the road if you are too nervous.

NDLS (National Driver Licence Service)

About The National Driver Licence Service

NDLS - Applying For Your Licence